Обновление сервера NetXMS

1.2 Upgrading NetXMS Server on UNIX

1. Download the latest version from http://www.netxms.org/download, if you don’t have it. You will need source archive (named netxms-VERSION.tar.gz, for example netxms-0.2.11.tar.gz). Please note that in the following steps VERSION will be used as a substitution for an actual version number.

2. Unpack the archive:
$ tar zxvf netxms-VERSION.tar.gz

3. Change directory to netxms-version and run configure script:
$ cd netxms-VERSION
$ sh ./configure –with-server –with-mysql —with-agent

Be sure to include all options that were used at installation time.

4. Run make:
$ make

5. Stop NetXMS server.
6. Stop NetXMS agent.
7. Check database for possible inconsistencies:
$ nxdbmgr check

Proceed to the next step only if database checker does not report any errors!

8. Run make install:
$ make install

9. Upgrade database:
$ nxdbmgr upgrade

10. Start NetXMS agent.
11. Start NetXMS server.

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